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Music Industry Pro. About Lamont Patterson
Lamont Patterson


Music is the driving force for WORLD MOVEMENT RECORDS. Lamont Patterson, the CEO and founder of the label, is living this each day.


Lamont Patterson was born in Bonham, Texas on March 19, 1950 to Sam and Eula Patterson. He is the oldest of three children.  Lamont started out at the tender age of five, singing in the church choir and moving on to tenor saxophone as his instrument of choice. With role models such as jazz greats, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins and Roland Kirk, Lamont excelled as a musician. After high school, Lamont’s cousin Bobby Sanders included him in the rehearsals of his clients, Little Anthony and The Imperials and The Young Hearts, giving him the unique opportunity to sing, dance and practice choreography, inspiring him onward in music. In college, Lamont was offered an opportunity to sing second tenor and write lyrics for New Birth an R & B group. The group toured with such notables as the O’Jays, Blue Magic, The Four Tops and other great sounds from the Motown era.

As his talents increased, Lamont became more and more intrigued with the desire to play a bigger role in the music industry. His first group was The Elements of Peace, an R & B group, produced by Aaron Neville, in which he sang lead and played tenor saxophone. This would open doors for him to work with Grammy winners Aaron Neville, Quincy Jones, Marvin Gaye, Ike Turner and Tina Turner, Bill Summers, Big Boy, and Side Effect, in collaborative projects. It was in these collaborations that Lamont got his first taste of the production side of the business.


Sensitive to how the industry requires artist to change their music based on the new and upcoming sounds of the newer developing artists; with a new outlook on music, Lamont started WORLD MOVEMENT RECORDS (WMR) in 1990. WMR became the place where artist could be who they truly are. Artist thrived under Lamont’s direction, leading to Platinum Records for Ghetto Hippie and Bobby Caldwell and a Gold Album for Jeffery Osborne, (Prince, Morris Day, and Warner Bros) among others. As the industry changed, so did Lamont, moving into the digital age and following technical trends. WMR began supporting artists as an entire entity from music distribution to merchandising and publishing, to TV and film roles. Pretty Tony became the first to release books into the market place through World Movement Publishing. Followed by compilation CD’s for such artist as West Coast Bangaz and Coast Ridaz.


As of January, 2016, Mr. Patterson's has signed the South African artist Rapper Luka 120 Nicks to his record label World Movement Records.  Luka 120 has work with Pimpin Ken from North Carolina and many other artists based in South Africa. Mr. Patterson has also sign Snoopy So Fly of New Orleans, LA to the World Movement Record. Both Snoopy So Fly and Luka 120 have worked on a collaboration that will be out soon. Snoopy So Fly, a rapper that has found the perfect balance between Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B and Rock adds a new flavor to the World Movement repertoire of music.

In the past Mr. Patterson has hosted many community events like The Pop Kids Program, The Rising Stars Youth Showcase held in California. Rock the Economy and The Rising Stars Industry showcase for adults held in Las Vegas each brought together artist from all genres united by a cause. Two new artists with WMR, Randy Rogon has two new releases, “Why There’s Christmas Time” and “The Credits Roll” which is available everywhere and Drew Raber, a 15-year-old, whose single “Questions” positioned on the Billboard pop chart. Lamont believes music is a universal language but he has also chosen to broaden his horizons in the motion picture industry.


Mr. Patterson's earlier ventures included appearances in The Player, a drama on NBC staring Westley Snipes, Damon Gupton and Charity Wakefield along with bounty of other shows such as “House of Lies” starring Don Cheadle, which is a Showtime special that aired in January 2014, also on Hit The Floor (Kimberly Elise) on VH1,  The New Girls which aired on  the FOX network, Benched on USA, Modern Family on USA, Outlaws on NBC  and The Last Ship and Franklin & Bash, both on TNT, Mr. Patterson has appearance on such shows as Criminal Minds an ABC Production, Murder in the First, Agent X Starring Sharon Stone and Playing House with (Kenny Loggins) on the USA Network. Mr. Patterson was also involved in the Nike Commercial Monster Jam with Blake Griffin.

In 2015, Mr. Patterson's career includes an extensive range of television and film. As an entrepreneur and actor, Lamont Patterson developed his career with his most recent appearance in the television drama Shameless starring Oscar nominated William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum and Joan Cusack. The story is based on a Chicagoan Frank Gallagher who is the proud single dad of six smart, industrious, independent kids, who without him would be...perhaps better off.  To add to his accomplishments, he appeared in the following comedy-dramas, 2 Broke Girls, the story of two waitresses for a friendship in hopes to launch a business, staring Kate Denning and Beth Behrs. This can be seen on CBS. The Grinder staring Rob Lowe, Fred Savage and Mary Elizabeth Ellis. The story is about two brothers. One is a lawyer and the other one plays a lawyer on television. After moving back home after a stint in Hollywood, he believes that qualifies him to run a family law firm; also Rosewood, written by Todd Harthan and includes such stars as Morris Chestnut, Lorraine Toussaint, Jaina Lee Ortiz and a host of Hollywood greats. The series aired September 23, 2015 on the Fox Network. Other acting appearances include “Bosch,” an American television series based on the book written by Michael Connelly produced by Amazon Studios. It is based on a detective Harry Bosch, a veteran homicide Detective with the LA Police Department, starring Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch. Season 3 to be released in 2016, Code Black, a medical drama television series, centered around LA County Hospital Emergency Room, featuring Marcia Harden, Landon Ashworth, and Theo Breaux to mention a few. This series aired September 30, 2015 on CBS. Mr. Patterson's acting career also includes The Colony, starring Isabella Croyetti-Camp, Gonzalo Menedes and Ally Walker, the ongoing network series “Bones” an American Crime Comedy about a forensic anthropologist that reads clues from victim’s bones and works with Law Enforcement to solve crimes starring Emily Dreschanel, Michael Conlin and Patricia Belcher to mention a few. Wicked City, starring Jeremy Sisto and Gabriel Isaac Luna two LAPD detectives who are partners, as they search for a pair of romantically-linked serial killers (Ed Westwick and Erika Christensen) terrorizing the Sunset Strip. The main cast also includes Taissa Farmiga, Karolina Wydra, Evan Ross, Anne Winters, and Jaime Ray Newman the series will air on NBC. Mr. Patterson can also be seen in the 1989 recreation of Uncle Buck, which previously starred the late comedian John Candy now starring the hilarious Mike Epps as Buck Russell, the story is based on cheerful oaf called on to care for his brother’s kids in a crisis. In addition, he can be seen on the show Major Crimes, with Mary McDonnell, GW Bailey and Robert Gossett on TNT. A Law Enforcement squad and prosecutor that work together to fight crime within the LAPD that deal with high profile and sensitive crimes.

Lamont has been retained as Chief Financial Officer and Soundtrack Coordinator for (Initial Shock: The Brigitte Harris Story) a feature Film to begin Shooting 2015. Lamont is a true humanitarian showing major support by becoming a board member for TELL HFSAC (Humanitarians for Sexually Abused Children). At the present time, Lamont is producing a Cooking Show titled “Cooking with my Homies”, a celebrity base cooking show directed to display the lives of artists and their challenge to consume a home cooked meal, while leading a hectic life in the entertainment industry. It will showcase a genre of artist including R&B, Jazz, Rock, Country and Hip Hop.

To-date, Lamont continues to educate, develop, promote and encourage the youth of today, and those with a serious desire to display their talent through his live broadcast which is heard weekly by tuning into his show Can a Playa Play at or by calling (646-929-2870) if you would like to join the conversation.  Here you can embrace knowledge from all areas, which includes topics directed to the music, film, sports, and the entertainment industry.  PM Wednesdays, Lamont can be heard on his music show I am Indi. By calling (347) 303-8747 or tuning into www.blogtalkradio/indyizz.  Please forward all communications to or by mailing your correspondence to 409 N. Pacific Coast Hwy #417, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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