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BrandiWyne” was created by female musician and vocalist “BrandiWyne.” Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she started as the lead female vocalist for “The Scrapes” in 1999. She later joined the country trio “The Girls.” As influences and locations changed, her sound began to emerge, and her brand as “BrandiWyne” was created in 2001, independent of these other bands. Being inspired by and having an appreciation for all styles of music makes each of her songs have a slightly different sound – tho rock is always at the core. Moving to Seattle, WA, in 2008, she worked with producers Jason Lackie & Tyler Mays to record and release her music on a broader scale. Her first EP, “Split Personality,” was internationally released in 2019, with “Return To Sender” being the song that got her noticed. (written by Greg Critchley, Sherri Lyn Short & Jimmy Burney. Published by Sony records) BrandiWyne signed with the Los Angeles-based label. “World Movement Records” in 2022.

Featured Tracks



Jingle Bells


BrandiWyne featuring Roger Fisher – Never Enough

BrandiWyne – Inside

BrandiWyne featuring Michael Cagle – Underneath it all (Duet)

BrandiWyne – Jingle Bells