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Meet the Team


Malaika “Angel” Houston has experience in the entertainment field that spans over twenty years, Starting as a promoter and booking shows has allowed her to work with many great artists from all walks of life, Angel is also the CEO of Angel’s ClubHouse Empire, And For The Love of Music Radio Show Podcast. As Vice President of Promotions and Marketing for World Movement Records, Miss Houston dedicates her time to the music industry and the development of artists as well as the TV and Film Industry.

Ps. Hush Your Mouth


In her role at World Movement Publishing LLC, Olivia oversees the editorial process and ensures that each book is of the highest quality. She works closely with authors to help them develop their manuscripts, providing feedback and guidance throughout the writing process. Olivia is passionate about helping authors bring their stories to life and takes pride in seeing their books succeed.
Olivia is also responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with literary agents, bookstores, and other industry professionals. She is committed to promoting the work of World Movement Publishing LLC authors and ensuring that their books reach the broadest possible audience.
Olivia’s expertise and dedication make her an invaluable World Movement Publishing LLC team member. Whether you are an established author or starting Olivia will provide the guidance and support you need to succeed.
Olivia has been with World Movement Publishing for over ten years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.


Rebecca is Publicist for World Movement Enterprises.

She is an Independent Business Owner, TV/radio show host and producer of “Rebecca Sounds Reveille.” She is a United Stated Marine Corps veteran, a retired police officer, and the author of “V.O.T.E., Victims Overcoming Traumatic Events.” She had been a long running columnist for a community college newspaper, volunteer of many services, along with producing and hosting her own previous award-winning radio show. She offers personal consulting in domestic violence and communications, public relations, and direction on attending to legal affairs.

Her education includes Associates degrees in Christian Studies, General Education, General Business Management, and Law Enforcement. Rebecca also holds Bachelor’s degrees in Church Ministry and Occupational Studies -Vocational Arts, as well as, a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies. She is a certified Mediator.


With over 40 years of experience in the music industry, Ronnie is a seasoned songwriter, arranger, producer, musician, and percussionist. In the 90s, he co-founded Autoplay Records, managing a diverse roster of 14 artists. Ronnie’s talent lies in his ability to spot emerging trends and identify artists with true potential. He offers valuable insights beyond scouting and signing artists, utilizing his deep understanding of various genres. Ronnie’s hands-on approach to artist development sets him apart, as he works closely with artists to refine their sound, image, and navigate the ever-changing music industry. In 2014, Ronnie founded Amariiquane Media Production, producing 5-6 full-length CDs each year, showcasing his exceptional ear for unique sounds and intuitive understanding of the industry. Join World Movement Media and tap into Ronnie’s wealth of experience and expertise as he continues to revolutionize the music industry.