Who is she & What is she to you


‘WHO IS SHE AND WHAT IS SHE TO YOU? ‘ Is the final book of the ‘PLAYA STEP YOUR GAME UP’ Trilogy by top selling author Pretty Tony. Written from the mindset of a playa, the book offers an easy-to-read guide to better understand the nitty gritty of ATTRACTION, ATTENTION, and development of relationships. The author offers an urban perspective to the age-old quest of men trying to understand women, by firstly examining themselves with honesty. The rules of engagement with the opposite sex have never been made this simple. By simply following the advice laid out in the book and using the proven methods, it will open a world of understanding, and take any man’s game to a whole new level. This is not a book about learning about being a playa, this is a book that shows that to even be in the game, you got to have game.